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Your Sadaqah

"So whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it"
(reward in this world and the hereafter)

[Quran 99:7]

Some Benefit/ Power of Sadaqah

Wipes your sins away

Brings you closer to Allah

Saves you from calamities

Raises your rank in Jannah

Protects you from a bad death

Doesn't decrease your wealth

Helps those in need

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Why Donate Through Ummah Appeal?

All donation to our charity is a huge responsibility for us and we believe that our donors have the right to know how their donations are spent.

Sadaqah Donation Policy - Ummah Appeal

To Allah
Who sees and knows everything. We will be questioned about the responsibility of the donations and Amana of the donors.

To Our Trustees & Scholars
Who overlook all the activities of the charity and ensure that the donations are used for the correct purpose under strict guidance and constant monitoring.

To Charity Commission
Where every year a report is presented and audited so that all income and outgoing is under check and balance.

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